About Myself

Kyle Mikolajczyk

I am a Computer Science Student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I have a bunch of hobbies such Photography, Videography, projection, Youtube, pinball machines, and nixie tubes. I use my website to show the world my projects, photos, videos, and ideas.

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I have had extensive experience working with Cloud Technologies, Networking, Database and Web Development over the years from school projects, work, and personal projects. Learn more about my projects.

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I recently purchased a Sony A7 III camera and I am having a blast taking photos. I also love analogue film photography with my Cannon TL 35mm camera.

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In college, I ran a projection booth that did Digital Cinema Projection, 70mm Projection, 35mm Projection, and 16mm Projection. I have worked on many projects involving projector maintenance, upgrades, and distribution. Learn more about my projection knowledge.